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Lose Weight - Slimming!


現在就開始讓肥胖者運動起來,幫助他們擺脫肥胖。健身達人提供了多種多樣健康食物的組合和運動方式,幫助肥胖者瘦身 健身達人設計了7個全新的豐富動感健身小遊戲,只需動一下你的手指,就可以享受減肥的快樂。你的職責就是讓肥胖者快速瘦下來並恢復完美體型。在餐廳中遵循合理的飲食選擇,贏取更多金幣。試著僱傭私人教練可以幫助你獲得更明顯的減肥效果。這款簡單有趣的健身遊戲會讓你愛不釋手。也許在玩完遊戲後,會激勵你去室外體會真正健身帶來的快樂  遊戲特色:- 6個有趣富有挑戰的健身小遊戲:平衡球、踏步板、啞鈴飛鳥、槓鈴深蹲、游泳和拳擊- 通過保持合理的飲食習慣,獲得更多金幣- 不斷挑戰遊戲,打破記錄,獲得更高的評級- 容易上手,但很難精通;---
If you want to get rid of your fat, why not try it first on your phones or tablets? Lose Weight offers 6 challenging mini-games for you to choose how you want to lose weight in real life.
Help the fat girl to change appearance through slimming in this challenging game. With a choice of 6 unique mini games of Exercise ball, Step test, Dumbbell lifting, Weightlifting, Swimming and Sandbags punching, you will be able to test your finger skills in a variety of highly addictive challenges. Are you ready to meet the weight loss goals?
Game Features:- 6 addictive fun & challenging mini games- Play bonus game to keep healthy eating habits and earn more coins- Replay each game to beat your high score and get higher grades- Easy and fun to start, but challenging to master